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Good post (and as a former cod fisherman, love the name!). One part of Rinella's piece that he only waves at is the satisfaction of being able to tell the industrial meat people to go pound sand! Other than some locally raised pork and a lamb from a local farmer, I buy no meat all year. When my freezer is full, I do other things. When my freezer is empty I hunt and fish to fill it. Is this wrong? Is this pleasure? In a way, yes, but it sure isn't pleasurable at that final moment of finishing off an animal, or walking up on a deer you just shot.

The moment before you begin turning an animal into meat is the toughest moment of hunting, because you are standing over that animal's last moment of wholeness. It's why German hunters traditionally put something yummy into the animal's mouth (grass, etc) to give the beast one last nod before the dirty work begins.

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