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Jon Eick

I think the whole point is there were no meetings at the corporate office where they decided to print these t-shirts, nor was anything run past legal. All indications are that these shirts were printed up by Papa John's franchise owners in DC without any permission from corporate.

The Gurgling Cod

How many shirts were there? I thought it was one of those deals where they put one on every seat. Under that impression, I assumed it was a decision made fairly high up the PJ food chain, in that it would require considerable resources to get somewhere in the teens of thousands of shirts printed and distributed on short notice.


"Go Penguins" my ass. You wanna go!?

The Gurgling Cod

Go Penguins.


I can't believe the first comment.

Jon Eick is exactly right, this was not approved... Gurgling Cod, I was told there were about 5 shirts.

From my understanding there weren't meetings and high up food chain things going on here. As with most pizza chains, Papa John's is made up of many franchisees. Washington DC is a franchise, not corporate. Corporate owns the Cleveland market... duh would they ALLOW someone to hurt their business knowingly.

FYI the average 1 Topping Large Pizza cost $2.80 to make with food and paper products and doesn't cover overhead or labor. .23 hardly covers any cost and even if it did it wouldn't matter because Papa John's is donating each sale to the Cleveland Cavaliers Youth fund that day along with an additional 10K!


I happen to think LEBRON JAMES IS AN AMAZING ATHELETE and people should back off.
Papa Johns deserves to be humiliated for this.

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