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Maybe it's just me, but I'm not seeing the pictures. They are just sad little x-eyed boxes.

the punisher

they look like angry little x-eyes to the punisher. an' it's makin' him cranky...


It's not just you.


it's me too. might dfa be overrated? may be too easy for people of a certain age (i.e., my age) to play rock criticism as dna game: 'if delta 5 and the au pairs were to combine with the gang of four and the raincoats and perform rogers and hart standards, that's what so and so sounds like.'

i love the references of course, but sometimes wonder whether they suffice. course, living where i'm living, i ain't going to be seeing any of it live soon. Not the best position from which to judge i know.


Gee, I didn't know LCD Soundsystem were famous, like. (And aren't they more Rhode Island than NY?) Ask me about the day I drove James Murphy and Pat Mahoney around Chicago. And James Murphy made my daughter cry.


I am eager to hear about driving LCD Soundsystem around Chicago, less eager to hear any story that involves tears on the faces of wee Skeen bairns. Thanks to Lee for the comments on the musicI in re criticism as DNA, esp when a sample of the music is there, tags along the lines of "Phil Lynnott fronting a Weimar-era cabaret orchestra produced by Phil Spector's autistic cousin" are usually more helpful to me than more abstract description, but, as in my (sadly imaginary) example above, it is easy for the description to become an end in itself. It is entirely possible that there are those making over-extravagant claims for DFA as the savior of music, but I do know that bumping the DFA #2 complilation in 05 has made life in Bush's America a little more bearable. As long as there are 15 minute disco songs sung in English, German, and French about wearing nothing but an overcoat, the light of freedom is not extinguished.

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