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#1 Jazz Audio Documentarian

Funny, I saw Andre (He's still the Black Godfather) a couple weeks ago. I should have asked him about it again. I'll take a look in the millions of hours of interview tape I have with him and see what that says. Somewhere around the Net is an 11 minute medley of Andre in Europe with the Countdowns where he does a little bit of Bacon Fat as well as Sweet Little Pussy Cat, Pass the Biscuits, and others.

Thanks for the compliment.

Would you pass the biscuits please?

#1 Jazz Audio Documentarian

More on Bacon Fat from All Music. I'm still looking for the Andre interview.

Doing his Fortune stint, Williams kept busying playing the popular clubs in Detroit and other locales, including the Flamingo Club in Memphis, TN. His biggest solo hit, "Bacon Fat," occurred during a drive to Memphis' Flamingo Club. When he got back to Detroit he persuaded Devora Brown to book a session. Fortune's recording studio was in the back room of a record shop the Browns owned. "Bacon Fat" was Williams' third single for Fortune; he didn't even have the lyrics written, but hurried and did so on a napkin while Ms. Brown busied herself setting up the studio mics. Thank God for DJ Frantic Eddie Durham, who observed the session. He was the only one down with what was going on. Everyone else, including Joe Weaver, thought Williams was wasting time and money with this talk-singing. Williams and Durham proved them wrong when "Bacon Fat" took off, becoming, with "The Wind" by Nolan Strong & the Diablos, Fortune's most popular record. Williams starting talking instead of singing because he knew he couldn't compete vocally with the Nolan Strong, Clyde McPhatter, Little Willie John, Jackie Wilson, and others. He created a new style that was later adapted by Harvey Fuqua ("Any Way You Wanna"), Jerry-O, Shorty Long, Bootsy Collins, and others.

Jill Barron

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