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It wasn't as rife with suggestive foodstuffs as this one, but didn't you like the tip from the guy who likes his tuna served cold: Store it in the fridge!



I couldn't take it anymore. The ridiculous tips, the over-complicated recipes, the constant marketing of books, Christopher Kimball. (And I'm sorry -- I wasn't impressed by the "best cupcake" recipe.) I let my subscription lapse.


The Cook's Xmas party we went to when Editrix was doing stuff for them was a huge disappointment. Chris Kimball was living large, Silas Lapham stizz, all South End brownstone, roaring fire, and whatnot--I might even have skipped lunch in anticipation of the feed--the theme for the food, all the food, was north Africa. Nothing says "Christmas party at a rich guy's house" like tagine. Also, there is something in the genes of WASPs that make them think that eating standing up off of a plate while holding a drink, is possible and cool. Also, there was a uniformed Boston cop at the door to keep the poor folks from around the way from nabbing any of the tagine.

Rose's Lime

Was moved enough to flit through a copy at my local to find the answer to the riddle (note... cafepress has an opening for an "I can't even grille straight" entrepreneur), but not moved enough to purchase, even though flank steak is my favorite cut.

I'm not sure Forrest Gump could come up with 37 different ways to cook flank steak. Besides I don't think I have much room for improvement.

Truth be told, was impressed by their Pork Chop tips, which I found edifying after toughening some Chez Cod Pere.

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