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So can you "git" bresaola down there? If not, Fergus Henderson has an intriguing recipe for fridge-cured beef tenderloin. It is pretty much the only recipe in the book that doesn't feature offal, i.e., that the other would eat, so it is sad that I haven't tried it yet. But you can.

The relevant translation: Crush some juniper berries in a mortar, and incorporate into room-temp. butter; then refigerate for an hour. Not much of a receipt, really.

"Bread of saws" is rye bread.


I sussed out the juniper thing more or less. I am intrigued--almost like gin you can spread on toast. I am a big Fergus Henderson fan--cinetrix got me the book, but I have not cooked from it yet, inexplicably. Actually, explicably--I have ambitous plans for curing whole animal legs based on his receipts which I have failed to get to, so the easier ones fall by the wayside. Also, my university's abbatoir is not easy to get to from my office.

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