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C'est for real? The mind reels. (And doesn't he mean "clinches"? Copyeditors, hello?)


I would have gone with "clench." This is the second most breathtakingly stupid thing that I encountered today, the first someone who insisted, after I mentioned that April 19 was celebrated as the holiday of Patriots Day in MA, kept saying "9/11 is Patriots Day." I mentioned the whole Lexington/Concord, Paul Revere thing--nothing doing. But to return:
"Buffalo-style chicken wings, a tangy red sauce slathered over them, a pool of blue cheese spread below them and wooden forks as thin as ice cream sticks rising up from the irresistible pile."
1) The "-style" seems inconsistent with the widely understood "buffalo wing" usage
2) "Red sauce" might be reddish, but not, I hope, you know, marinara, which would be nasty, but considering these are shrimp, and not actual chicken wings, I suppose all bets are off.
3) "Pool of blue cheese." You have to leave blue cheese unsupervised for a long time to get it to be a liquid, and at that point, your restaurant would be less fun than you might want--odds are, it was blue cheese dressing.
4) Unless you are Queequeg, wooden forks thicker than Popsicle sticks would seem needlessly burly.

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