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No, the best thing was the A-ROD error. I actually felt bad for him. Briefly.

henry roberts

Someone needs an editor.
I understood that you do like Dave Roberts and don't like Tom Brunansky but then you get bogged down in hipster food-talk.
And what do the Ramones (or Bob Mould) have to do with this whole muddled mess?
See me after class, please.

1 Jazz Audio Documentarian

RE: Bill Russell

The bridge would be great, but as Tommy Heinsohn said in Sports Illustrated when Bill Russell was named something like best competitor of the last half of the 20th century,

"The guy wins 9 championships in 11 years and they name the tunnel after Ted Williams"

Maybe they should name the airport after him. I get a kick out of flying into or out of New Orleans and hearing the "Louis Armstrong International Airport"

Great stat - in his time, Bill Russell played in something like 17 7th games AND NEVER LOST ONE!

I choked up watching everyone get their rings. Dave Roberts is the man! No him, no championship!

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