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Nation of Millions is the best album.


I agree that Nation of Millions is #1, but FOABP and YBRTS are real close--seems to me, the better the band, the more disagreement about their best album. Stooges and Beasties come immediately to mind, and you can elicit palpitations among hipsters of a certain age if you ask them "what was the last Replacements album that did not suck? The curve settles right between Let it Be and Tim with outlying hardliners stumping for Sorry, Ma and shameless parvenues like me, willing to admit to enjoying Pleased to Meet Me.

the punisher

I agree with the Fesser on this. Today. On other days I'm pretty certain that YBRTS is their best with Nation of Millions a very close second.


Nation of Millions and FOABP were stolen from my Hyde Park apartment back in the summer of '92 (along with a bunch of other CDs and a nice SLR camera -- remember those?). I never replaced them. The CDs, that is. (Replaced the camera.) Am I still hoping that Dr. Wax and 2nd Hand Tunes are going to call and tell me that my stolen CDs have turned up?

air griffey max

taciturnity reaching agreement, cleverness flowing, hefted the flowered timid sound the faint smile, the shadow flickering, looked sees another region bright moonlight, the Mt. Guanshan pure running water. Is who is shifty in this mortal world lonely samsara? The previous generation, who shore in the water, awaits calmly the stone?

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