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Dude, I always buy "B." I caught on to that one a while back. (I can swear I've even bought "C" -- though I don't see that one mentioned on the list of grades. "B" is better, though.)

From your description of what real syrup-catching looks like, it sounds like PBS got this one right in the notorious "Sugartime" episode of "Postcards from Buster." (Notorious because the episode featured a family -- actually, TWO families -- with "two mommies" -- and after some predictable "outrage" from the NEA chair, PBS "decided" not to distribute it -- though some stations chose to air it anyway.)


My son watched the episode, and -- guess what! -- afterwards he made no mention of the deviant lifestyle displayed therein, but was really excited by the idea of "mud season" and ubiquitous maple syrup and announced, "I want to move to Vermont!"


How is this the first I'm hearing of this whole Grade B conspiracy? I'm so going to go buy some right now.


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