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I'm usually pretty strict on my taco-authenticity rule, but these sound so good--and the polenta/corn tortilla switchout makes sense, too.


I hope you get hits from people searching for "pig-as-modern-pentathlete." That was a keeper.


Actually, the first River Cafe book is better. The blue one. I'm interested in the shoulder brining dilemma: I recently had (un-brined) shoulder end up unpleasantly dry, and I'm wondering is the last bastion of properly fatty pork has fallen to the miracles of modern hog breeding.


Do you mean the UK or US edition of River Cafe? I seem to recall encountering a blue one that was very similar to my yellow one. Has pics of old man + pig, lots of wood roasted veggie receipts, slightly pretentious design, so forth?


US: #1 and #2. Their "recipes" are so simple (not to mention gnomic) that they shot their wad on the first one. I think, anyway.

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