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Holy shit, you just broke me with the V66 logo.

Imagine, you are 12, not particularly cool about music yet, and you see 2/3 of a video for the best song you have ever heard. Except it is on V66, which distinguished itself from Mtv by only telling you the band/song title at the beginning. 2 years of retarded development later you finally figure it was How Soon Is Now.

(I've never seen the video since, but in my memory it is conflated with those Chanel Egoïste ads).


That's the song that Soho samples for the main riff in "Hippiechick," right?


uh, yeah. I wish I didn't know that.


Yes, but I always thought that "Hippiechick" would be a cool nickname for Luis Sojo: "Luis 'Hippiechick' Sojo," but Chris Berman never returns my calls.

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