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Was there ever anything good to eat in Kenmore? Not coming up with anything here... Wait, there was something on the sub-ground floor a few doors down from the Rat... a deli? pancakes? I can't remember.

Also, Garces's real nickname, if I recall, was "pote de talco", based on visual similarities. Where is he now?

Rose's Lime

I can also recall patronizing the Deli Haus and Capt Nemo's Pizza. Also the dirt cheap pizza place next to McDonalds with pitchers even more watery than inside.

For those heading Fenward, I can recommend The Sausage Guy. Rightly well regarded and unspoiled by success.


Was there ever anything good to eat in Kenmore?

Not exactly fine dining, but Charlie's was fun. My memory's not so good about what the food was actually like, to tell the truth.


Not so much that there was ever in my recall great food in Kenmore, but that there were different kinds of bad food--Pizza Pad, Nemos, Deli Haus, so forth, rather than these assy chains serving nasty ribs.* The Burgerdog is just another indication that the Man is taking over, for a change. Also, JL--do you mean Charlie's in Harvard Square?


No, I mean the Charlie's Cafeteria, which was in Kenmore. Pretty much right where the hotel is now. Last time I went there was maybe 1986; I don't recall when it disappeared.

New Orleans

I wrote a lot of good poetry while drinking OK coffee in Charlie's. I really miss the place still. Probably disappeared around '88 or so. Also, the Pizza Pad and the other pizza place was great. Wasn't someone planning on getting married there one day? I guess the church off Harvard Square did the trick all right, but I did leave a libation in front of where the P.P. was on that weekend in 2002.

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