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Saratoga Slim

A bit disappointed that "holiday in Cambodia" led to a Times foodie review, as opposed to a Dead Kennedys MP3. Jello Biafra should kick your ass for such American League linking.


He's right, you need the mp3. Anyway, now look what you made me do. internets=productivity.

la depressionada

GROTESQUE? at least it's going on out of doors (see e.g. dana vachon's article in the ny times re: private clubs), but i digress. there's really a much better argument against the meat in union square. anyone that pays $11 bucks a pound for meat that's been transported from god knows where in a styrofoam cooler packed with ice is insane. ground beef? sheer lunacy.

maybe when the grotesque start dropping like flies,* and this meat thing will be hailed as: see they got what they deserved.

not to mention the greenmarket has always had a kind of rackety feel (well since, at least, they found the amish shoving breakstone's into "hand churned" containers.) i am suspect re: the articles that have danny meyer or tom collichio dashing over to grab the freshest ingredients. if you have your own restaurant and don't have a connection that funnels you the first fiddleheads, nothing can help you. i mean how much jam and how many "homebaked" pies does one need?

*when i contract salmonella, i want a deep pocket like whole foods to reach into -- not some guy with a truck.


Wise words, all. Slim, keep an eye out for a DK's related post, which you will see is overdue.

Max waxes sagely as heck over at Badthings, esp. with the point about the hidden real costs of supermarket meat. True enough, but the disturbing aspect of the article I was trying to point out was its participation in promoting sustainable and healthier foods as a trend for the wealthy, because regardless of hidden costs, if "organic" and "sustainable" remain linked with "fancy" in the public consciousness, we will have ongoing environmental degradation, more obese and diabetic poor people, and annoying thin, rich fucks.

LaD, having toiled alongside Cinetrix and the Pickler at the Greenmarket, I am unprepared to spring unreservedly to its defense, though I sure do miss some of those fancy things here in the Upstate. I commend Joe Queenan's "Admit it, it Sucks" Greenmarket piece from one of the latter unlamented issues of Spy.

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