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Simon (Mabel's Dad)

Acually, Tito is more at fault for choosing the substandard Geno's over the truly authentic Pat's across the street. Oh, and for being a lousy whiney manager. He and Larry Brown can take all the bows they want for winning on the backs of others -- leave Philly, take over a contender, cue the parade.

Rose's Lime

Some observations by my first trip to the 'Cit on Friday (seems like the best place to post them).

Before I get a torrent of comments calling treason from S(MD) et. al., let me say, having been born in an NL/NFC town, and having lived over a decade, and born children in an AL/AFC town, I've taken the liberty of adopting dual citizenship. I sported both my Sox cap and my replica 1980 Championship ring. Like a true Philly fan, I was prepared to cheer for the home team, unless they were losing and then I'd boo them.

I wasn't disappointed.

Let me first say, they've classed up the joint. The 'Cit is clean, airy, brand-spankin' new. The crowd (at least 1/6 from Boston) was almost civilized. I couldn't help wondering who had finally cracked open the Philly sleeve market.

I'm told there's both a Geno's and Tony Luc's in the 'Cit. My host doesn't like to spend a game waiting in line, so made do with a fine sausage and a beer that was a generous 20 ozs. Now that's National League!

My host also didn't have his ID, but the server, after pointing out the LCB officer watching from the balcony asked him to "just pull a card out of your wallet and show it to me". Now that's service!

But the 'Cit is almost too clean. There were charicaturists for lord's sake. There was a "build a bear workshop" with Fanatics and bears. There were even vendors selling Sox jerseys. I was surprised I didn't find a Willson's Leather or an Altitunes.

When we sat down in our seats I said out loud, "This place is so nice. And nobody's thrown any battteries in it." A fan to my left corrected me, saying, "... not yet."

The more things change, the more they stay the same. By the fifth inning, the Sox were up 6-0 and the boos were raining down on both teams.

We sat in the second row in left center. You get a great angle on home and you're right on top of the plays in right. Both Manny and the Phils' Pat Burrell made a sliding catch deep in the corner. Mirabelli, Manny and Ortiz hit home runs - all to right.

Later that evening, got to watch Burrel watch the highlights a the bar at the Rittenhouse. They showed Manny's catch, but not Burrell's - if you want to be on TV, hitting home runs and winning games help.

My "only in Philly" moment...

Drunk guy in collared shirt - "Hey, Ramirez, you big greasy wetback, turn around so I can get your picture!"

Friend - "Tell Damon to take his beard off."

Guy - "Damon, take your beard off!"

Guy - "Which one's Damon?"

Um, Damon would be the guy with the beard.

Simon (Mabel's Dad)

JB, I can't believe we were both at that game. Where were you sitting?

Simon (Mabel's Dad)

or maybe I'll just finish reading the comment before responding. D'oh. To be fair to the philly crowd, I will say that the RSN had an easier time than normal taking over the stadium. That's because the venerable Phillies management decided to make this ticket available in Philadelphia ONLY as part of a 6 game package. Only Boston fans were allowed to purchase it as a single game. Oh, and also because the Phillies sucked.


Amen, Simon -- Pat's over Geno's, hands down. Curiously though, Tito may have misremembered and in fact gone to the corner of 9th and Passyunk and Wharton. His kids' stress at the order window does seem to point to Pat's:


Rose's Lime

Speaking of Pat's, it should be noted RSN favored boosterism over meaness... didn't see a single Pats jersey. Hard to find joy in Donovan's Littlesque humilliation.

Will send notice of my next visit to the Cit.

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