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Fishbone. Haven't heard that in years.


There was a movement underway a while back to encourage nutria consumption in the hopes of reducing population (nutrias, not Cajuns). Calvin Trillin documented for the Atlantic Monthly (doesn't seem to be available in their online archives). In any case, Paul Prudhomme (so unfortunate to be so easily confused with Dom Deluise) and others were called on to offer up dishes. Looks like some recipes live on: http://www.nutria.com/site14.php
"Heart healthy" to boot; who knew.


Speaking of sports, there's a fantastic joke in here somewhere, but I don't have the energy.


The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry does not comment directly on the matter of disciplinary hot saucing. They do, however, note that:

-Whenever possible, consequences should be delivered immediately, should relate to the rule broken, and be short enough in duration that you can move on again to emphasize the positives.


-Consequences should be fair and appropriate to the situation and the child's age.

From this perspective, the dispensation of hot sauce for disciplinary purposes could be recommended only to the extent that it is believed to relate to the rule broken.

As a teensy taste of the fiery punishments that are the eternal reward for lil' ones who get sassy, one could argue that it's always appropriate.

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