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My mother-in-law (and ergo husband, till I kicked it out of him) calls them "cheese dreams" also. In Ireland (habitat of mother-in-law) something is "grilled" when it's put in a broiler-type thing that everyone's oven there has. Thus, "grilled cheese" would be that thing you do when you're trying to cut down on butter and so you stick the bread open-face under the broiler with the cheese on top.
Acceptable, but not as good as a real, butter-saturated grilled cheese.
Now I'm curious about that term "cheese dream" -- is it some depression-era artifact?


Oh my god!! It IS depression-era!! See:

Except that the woman who popularized the concoction during the 30s described it as toasting bread and cheese under a grill? I'm so confused now. I guess the butter/pan thing didn't enter the picture until the fatter years of the 1950s?

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