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New Englanders visiting Miami and hoping to get some of those tasty stone crab claws from Joe's, must first apologize for the mischief of plow driver Mark Henderson.


Good pull. However, that gambit was perfectly legal. Instead of eating crabs in Miami, most New Englanders prefer eating Maine lobster and drinking all that champagne left over from SB XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX.


"... that gambit was perfectly legal."

I think the Cod protests too much here.

Certainly he is correct that there was no rule against such an action at the time. But irrespective of the legality of the action, I would argue that this is less a legal issue than a moral one.

Fairplay was on leave from Foxboro on the sad evening of November 12, 1982. It was childhood itself that was the true victim of that mean trick.


Anchovies! Yes!

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