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Bourdain puts on one of the toughest fronts, but he had a more privileged upbringing than most of the so called "working class group of men."

They were the ones he idolized, the toughs. He wanted to be like them but never could, so he acts like a macho prick to fit in.

But I guess you're tough if you'll travel around the world eating things likely to be seen on Fear Factor.

I can't even begin to imagine how bad the show based around his book will be:


Bourdain, a priviledged upbringing? Oh come on, who doesn't have stories about their lazy childhood summers in France?


I don't know who any of those people are except the Indigo Girls, but it was still really funny!




Almost as good as Morrissey's letters to NME (I think that's right).


So last night I'm watching a NOVA about Typhoid Mary (yeah I TiVo NOVA, fuck off), and one of the "experts" is "chef/author" Tony Fucking Bourdain. WTF?
(He was, to be fair, perfectly sympathetic, except for the earring of course).


His world; we just live here.


all rich kids love tough guys (girls and boys). it's all about the SEX you know. but i hate to tell mr. bourdain he'll never fuck like an italian guy from brooklyn.

also, speaking about hidden backgrounds, did you guys know that gloria steinem was a cia op?

she should spending eternity blowing him and he should spend eternity not being able to speak (or come).

Stevie (female)


Bourdain can come on me!!

Sissy boy or otherwise...he is hot!!

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