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It reminds me of the movie "Brazil" (although much sleeker than the breakfast machines in that movie) and I fear that somehow, if you use one of these you will end up with coffee-soaked toast and electrocuted eggs. And ducts. And the Ministry of Information Retrieval.


The problem with contraptions like these is that one of the functions stops working after awhile but the rest of it is fine and then you can't decide whether to junk it or not.


Don't know whether this belongs with the dog thread or the gimmicky toaster thread. Anyway, here goes:

By the way, maybe it's because it's summer or baseball season, but there's been quite a dog thread going here, and I just wanted to send a shout-out to the Chicago dog (and Polish, if that's your kink).
And has it been noticed that the Chicago dog has been introduced to Manhattanites, by way of Danny Meyer's Shake Shack?
Yes, now New Yorkers, too, can walk up to a humble little stand and order a dog with all the Chicago trimmings -- and they only have to wait on line about 30 minutes longer than they would if they were in Chicago.


Yeah, I had my first Chicago-style dog at Shake Shack, and it was excellent.

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