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I am feeling really dumb now because I have never heard of The Believer. Chalk it up to living in Texas maybe.


Jette, be glad you haven't heard of it. It sucks.

'Fesser, I just KNEW you'd have something to say about this latest Hesserania. Love that you pulled the quote about chefs versus prep cooks.

Ah yes, Amanda, we all aspire to be the Mario Batalis of this world, not the nameless, faceless Mexican prep cooks who actually make the food...


smacks of the sort of faux modest "I went to college in Providence"


On the other hand, people who say things like the above may simply have attended RIC and want the listener to make a different assumption (nothing against RIC, mind you, I've got friends there.)

And remember, many of today's students on the East Side are the appalling sort who will be more like, "I went to Brown, bitch."

NPR had a story on Friday, I believe, on the same "Dream Dinners" business. It was one of those "beat your head against the dashboard" moments they pride themselves on.

I have to decide what to do with a pile of fresh peas from a Westport garden, soon. Aside from just eat them raw, I mean.


Jette- Bmuse is on the case, as usual, but basically, imagine the yearbook kids hooked up with the popular kids and they had a baby in Dave Eggers' treehouse. A magazine baby.


All about the Believer.

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