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Air conditioning.


Sac, even with air conditioning it can be too hot to cook. Well, at least with window AC instead of central, I find that the kitchen gets very hot very quickly.

Personally, I cannot get enough of good local tomatoes--heirloom or otherwise--and could eat them year-round and never complain.

For weeks now I've been all about tomato salad with extra-virgin olive oil, red-wine vinegar, feta, and fresh basil and/or oregano. (Oh, and with some good bread to sop up the juice at the bottom of the bowl.)


Kitchen BTUs tend to stick around. We take the McDLT approach and grill outside, so the hot stays hot and the cool stays cool.

Gazpacho and taboule also work.


Move to California. Duh. Not stupid hot flyover California (Sac), rich yuppie coastal California.

Also, tomatoes get a new lease when you lay off the basil.


Cook in your underwear if it's too hot. Don't forget the apron though!

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