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Ahhh, when did Harpoon buy Catamount?

Trout River is also nice.

I can't believe you got a caja china, bastard.


It is actually easy to get a Caja China for free. Have this guy: http://www.ny1.com/ny1/NewsBeats/itch.jsp
bring his from NYC to your party. He will decide it is easier to give it to you and buy a new one than it is to clean it well enough to spend 7 hrs in the car with it.


Catamount expanded too much, collapsed, and Harpoon bought their fancy new brewery in VT about 6 years ago. You lose some of the local charm, but the Harpoon folks have been great to deal with. Have always been dubious of Trout River b/c of hippieish label, but will have to give a try.


Hope you made some good soup with the feet and head.

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