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We could use 'gourmand,' but that carries too much pretension, same goes for bon vivant and epicure(an).

Foodie also has a connotation that is too food-centric, as if the food is the only important thing.

Maybe sybarite or voluptuary. Those may refer more to a general lifestyle, but who wouldn't want to be "a person whose chief interests are luxury and the gratification of sensual appetites"???


Dinner at the Herb Lyceum in Groton, MA should have been on that list. Well...probably not. But I'd take dinner there over toast made on a $20,000 stove.

The food is fabulous (the young chef works at Oleana during the week), the room is fabulous, and the fact that it's byob makes for a memorbale evening. The only drawback was the 35-year-old unreformed fratboys with a handle of captain morgan and a two-liter of mountain dew at the table next to us.


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