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Neil Broyard

Hello, My Name is Neil Broyard(O'Neil Broyard's great nephew) my family and I are cleaning up Saturn Bar ever since O'Neil passed away December 22nd 2005. O'Neil had owned this place since he was 23 in 1960. He didn't want to have a funeral so we are just having a service at the bar on the last saturday of Jan. 2006. All of O'Neil's friends and pretty much people that would like to pay respects are more than welcome to pass by. The service will last for a few hours with free booze and food just like O'Neil would have wanted it lol. You wouldn't believe all the crap he had stashed away in that place, so we have our work cut for us if we are to have that place looking spiffy again. I will post updates every week or whenever I get a chance to let people know what time we plan to open the place for the service.

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