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Since you asked:

Sometimes we script. E.g., roast a chicken on Sunday with the intention of having chicken enchiladas or BBQ chicken pizza later in the week. My dining companion and I have no culinary secrets from each other. I would never conceal my intentions for the leftovers from her to amp up the surprise factor later in the week or to save her the disappointment you suggest in your post. The leftovers are something to look forward to.

I agree, though, that it's fun to improvise. Yesterday my pasta with pot roast leftovers was more delightful because the thought of doing that with the meat had occured to me only half an hour before I was eating it.


I hear you. Like so many things, it is a question of marketing. Actually, cinetrix is Chair of Leftover Awareness, and frequently coaxes me into using them by proposing an "Iron Chef challenge" involving cooking with what is at hand.

Rose's Lime

In my house, waiting for serendipity means you're going to be eating a BLT without the lettuce or tomato (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Agree with Chuck that many foods are better leftover and nothing's lost in the anticipation. I like to make extra of an ingredient in one meal that's an ingredient for a great cold dish. Two-fors from our house:

Roast a large chicken dinner with mashed potato and veggies and recomopose the leftovers into a chicken shepherd's pie.

Make extra pasta, cool with cold water and toss with oil instead of marinara and add antipasto for a nice lunch.

Make extra corn on the cob for a cold corn salad with cherry tomato and blue cheese.

Sautee spinach for serving on top of pasta and put the rest in a quiche.

Ditto, spending the entire afternoon before having friends over doing your mise makes it much harder to enjoy their company than if all the mushrooms are sauteed, onions carmelized and meats marinated the evening before over a leisurely listening to NPR or WEEI and the only tasks remaining before guest arrival is skewering sates and tossing a pizza crust.


Most I plan ahead is to save a carcass for soup. Would hate for planning to kill off my freedom in calling kitchen audibles. The game I play is to create a (delicious, mind you) new dinner that finishes off as many fridge leftovers/ingredients as possible while introducing only one new ingredient. Often the challenge is simple (i.e. using up that bunch of cilantro and the half a lime before they go), but others require great cunning, and perhaps Rose's Lime's leftover bacon.


one of my favorite logic games is NEVER having any wasted food. totally fun. but it's always a surprise to the significant others, because once they move in their (albeit rudimentary) cooking skills wither and die. the tilia vacuum packer has changed our lives.

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