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That's what I use when boar-hunting.


Come on, 'Fesser -- are you trying to tell me that you got MARRIED and didn't manage to get any Creuset out of it??? What else are weddings and relatives good for?
'Fess up, 'Fesser.


We did. The sentence was unclear. What I meant was that I would even have married a harridan like Melissa Rivers, instead of my foxy wife, as long as I still got the Creuset. We did, and I think of J,J, & Iz when we use the orange one and PQ when we use the red one, which is frequently. (The latter was in connection with my man shower, but that is a story for another time.)


I'm about 99% sure that you hunt boar with a shotgun, for obvs. reasons. What a bunch of pussies.

(Check Amazon for the Creuset. I've gotten some great deals from them over the years -- like half off, plus free shipping, plus they throw in a little one free. But the shit is still expensive).


Okay, that's a relief about the Creuset. I was worried for a minute there that you might have to do the whole damn thing over again -- and this time, nix the crystal.

I second the Amazon suggestion. Their deals are even better than what you'll get at a Le Creuset outlet (I've checked) -- though the outlet also sells seconds, which Amazon (I hope?) does not.

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