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Nice review. I like:

Mark enjoyed this onion soup. He said he didn’t have onions often and enjoyed them when he did get to eat them.

I told Mark that he would enjoy this course the most, knowing somewhat that creme brulee was very rich and tasty comparatively to the other dishes.

Hopefully the Boston-area will get it's own obnoxious theme restaurant soon. One of the proposals for Salem's jail is to turn it into luxury condos and a Monopoly-themed restaurant (Yes, the board game. Game-makers Parker Brothers submitted the idea).

With a building like this, why not go all out and make it a jail-themed restaurant?

Each dining room a cell, each waiter a guard, and each bathroom a place to get raped and/or shivved.

Rose's Lime

At least in your prison themed restaurant you can insist diners adhere to the dress code or be provided with orange jumpsuits.


Correction: Parker Brothers didn't submit the Monopoly restaurant idea, but their former HQ was across the street from the jail. My bad.


Actually, the idea of a monopoly-themed restaurant is genius, but would work better as a food court-- a Gray's Papaya for Baltic Ave, Per Se for Park Place, and so on, in between. I'd be happy to talk to reps from the Time Warner Center if they want to pursue this idea. I'll even talk to Tom Keller about the need for the royal blue wall-to-wall carpet.


Monopoly would work in the space as long as the integrity of "Go to Jail" remained sound. Make-your-own utensils and tasting menus based on sentences (The Warden's First Degree Murder gourmandize menu: 20 to Life, the warden/chef prepares 20 or more small plates from the market's freshest offerings to be savored over an undisclosed length of time before you are offered parole).

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