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Possibly the best bit I've ever read in an interview:

Q. "...combines frozen peas and green beans with three cups of mayonnaise and heavy cream. Isn't that unhealthful?

A. Only if you eat the whole dish. This is for how many people?

Q. According to the recipe, it serves eight.

A. There you go!"

Oh my god. Now I know why young George needed all the booze and coke.

Perhaps "chef" de Guzman might confuse aspic with arsenic.


i loved this interview more than anything i've read in a long time. i must confess a weakness for creamy gloppy casseroles (at least reading about, if not eating, them. this owes to fact that well before the culinary revolution of the late 70s, my european family only ate fine cheese, extra virgin olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables and freshly caught fish. i longed for what i viewed as quintessentially american food: wonder bread (my family called it american bread); tuna casserole; creamed corn; tv dinners; pb&j; "french" dressing; iceburg lettuce; anything with the suffix "helper." i was well into my twenties before i ate my first tuna casserole. i thought it was delish.


Just for the record...

Frozen vegetables: yes, nutritious.

Canned vegetables: no.


We are dealing with someone who thinks that 3/8 of a cup of mayo + cream is cool for a side dish.


Canned vegetables: no.

But it's added from the companies. What could be better? More mayo, please!


skeen's right. indeed when good quality fresh vegetables aren't available it's perfectly acceptable to go with frozen. peas particularly.


skeen's right.

You lack faith in the wisdom and benevolence of the companies. Or, I should say, the manufacturer.


hey, wait -- can we tie this in to another Cod theme -- namely, the theme of WASP culinary disgrace?

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