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How many nights spent along Woodlawn Ave. with Schlitz in hand, takeout container of Harold's on lap, and the Bulls on the tv? Too many to number. Messy affairs. Walking down 53rd, the smell would hit you blocks away before you got near. There's not much I miss about Chicago - I hated the place, could not wait to leave. But Harold's, the bookstores, and the Art Institute - those I miss. Those, and the giant reading room for the vermin at Harper - but not the stacks of the Reg.




Ribs pilgrims, be forewarned: Ribs & Bibs is closed right now due to "equipment upgrades" or some such. Will keep you posted.


Thump thump, thump thump, is the sound of my heart cartoon-style beating outside of my chest for Ribs n' Bibs, that red-lit siren calling mere blocks away from my childhood home... we were only allowed to eat there on rare occasions when my perpetually dieting dad went out of town. Nothing gives me more of a spit-gland insta-boner than the sound of the name Ribs n' Bibs...

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