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Sounds excellent, Cod. I'm a big fan of the goat in all of her lactating glory. (Reminds me that I've been meaning to try making some goat milk yogurt.)

But can you parse this one? (from the Split Creek website):

"The goats are full partners in the operation"


Technically, I think the contrapositive would be "Glory implies goats" or just "Glory, goats."


I think Scott "Wide Right" Norwood would agree that glory implies goats.
In re: the partnership of the goats, I am reminded of words Codrespondent BK is fond of quoting from the wisdom of former Flyers coach Fred Shero, speaking of bacon and eggs:
The chicken makes a contribution; the pig makes a commitment.


Baiting me with bacon, Freddy "The Fog" Shero, AND the now-defunct Philly-in-the-house Goats (two of whose members played at my wedding)... I scarcely know where to begin. The Goats first album (Tricks of the Shade) is the one to get for some of the tightest political rhyming on record -- for downloads. And another perhaps apt Freddy the Fog quote for you would-be dairy artists: "Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire."

Or as the Pythons liked to say, "Blessed be the cheesemakers!?"


D'oh! That URL didn't print. Click my name for Goats link.

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