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et tu cod? eponymous refers to the thing that has given rise to the eponymously named. (yes and don't point to all the supporting source material on the internet -- look at that poor deluded shoots and leaves girl. she published an entire misguided book.) this battle is all but lost, but i resist. i resist. alternatively, eponymic might be used instead of eponymously named. i hold out more hope w/r/t to teaching WRITERS (snarf) the difference between amount and number (or hole and whole for that matter).

on a lighter note: ninja does seem like an elaborate joke. but after you've sucked ascorbic acid through a vanilla bean straw and eaten parsnip cereal from an individual cereal box at the "world's best restaurant" anything seems possible.


Bruni will have a throwing star in his chest by the end of the day.


I do not teach writing--I teach literature.
I confess that a casual association of "eponymous" and "self-titled" may have creeped into the post (I blame Michael Stipe), but an investigation of the OED reveals the following:
Eponym: 1. One who gives, or is supposed to give, his name to a people, place, or institution; e.g. among the Greeks, the heroes who were looked upon as ancestors or founders of tribes or cities.

Eponymous: 1. That [which] gives (his [or her]) name to anything; said esp. of the mythical personages from whose names the names of places or peoples are reputed to be derived.

I would argue that my puerile, possibly homophobic joke makes sense if the lube is named after the team, or if the team is named after the lube, so I'd plead not guilty in this case.


I think three stars in the chest would be more appropriate.


ah my dear cod you are more slippery than the eponymously named lubricant. fine response. HOWEVER, i do believe "your team's" implies the eponymous, but since i am a gentlemen i will let you slide.


gentleMAN coddammit. also, isn't literature what one does to divert herself in the hours not devoted to scholarship of the more vexing sort? something like, o i don't know, classics?


Less compelling: every NBA and NHL team save 3 or 4, at least half of the NFL, and approximately the same percentage of MLB. Notably the A.J. Pierzynski memorial donut eating and douchebaggery club.

How can you not love the Colt .45s and the eigth wonder of the world?


More to the point, in what sense is, say, Ezequiel Astacio not "black"? In no meaningful sense.

Morgan has long called attention to the declining popularity of baseball among African Americans born in the Continental US, which is a serious issue for baseball -- I'm not sure for who else.

As long as we're complaining, I should also point out that the cheese you made the other day is so profoundly not ricotta that the comparison is misleading.


I know, I know, real ricotta is made with whey, and just a smidge of Astro-Glide. The receipt I used called it ricotta while making it clear it was not real ricotta, and the finished product was pretty close in texture and character to the ricotta I have made as a by-product of making mozzarella. I did not have subsequent fresh milk to make real mozzarella with the whey produced as a byproduct of the fake ricotta, so instead I cooked a potato for gnocchi in the hot whey, which had no discernable impact on the outcome of the gnocchi. I suspect the best thing to do with whey is feed it to pigs. If I got a pig, that would solve all my problems.


use it in homemade bread. (or of course the old standby: soup.) a buffalo is a better investment than a pig.

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