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how could you possibly serve new england food to southerners? it's like inviting java man to dinner with bernard-henri levy.


It was, to paraphrase to Pixies, pedagogical. Also, who is Java Man and who is BHL in this equation?


would my analogies ever be anything but parallel? dear boy.


I must confess, I've always wished ham were the traditional Thanksgiving dish. I've warmed to turkey dinners in recent years, as the SO has a fine hand with them, but previously only looked forward to the side dishes and leftovers. Turkey sandwiches from leftovers are always welcome, though.

It's a testament to how rarely people cook whole turkeys that every year there are detailed articles explaining the process even at its most basic. The worst part: the endless warnings not to stuff the bird. Such a terrible loss of flavor in pursuit of USDA safety standards.


Can we just mention how off-putting raw poultry is? I think this is part of the problem. I'm not particularly squeamish, but I just hate dealing with raw poultry.

Doesn't help that the last time I wrestled with the big bird I ended up with salmonella. That was years ago and I have strenuously avoided wrestling with one ever since. (Am happy to make side dishes, enjoy turkey cooked by someone else, and/or spend the day in another country.)

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