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My bro still does the fried turkey and it's delish. The two best things I ate for Thanksgiving were his fried turkey and my mac and cheese.

(The Costco apple pie? Not so much.)


"codland" sounds either retarded on delusional i can't decide which.


or OR for chrissakes.

Rose's Lime

I prefer Cod Nation.

We brine and smoke and turn on that Big Bad Voodoodaddy and swing like it's 2001. Makes for a great bird and amazing leftovers that keep very well what with the salt and smoke... though does render the carcass unfit for stock (try it if you like Hickory soup).

Three converging factors on the Turkey whining: (1) even dilligent home cooks rarely attempt something that takes over an hour to cook leaving a lot of room for error with the big bird (2) it is true as every article opines in its opening paragraph, that traditional methods can lead to a dry and/or tough bird and (3) we need something to talk about on a slow newsday other than the weather, security at airports, the pitiful state of the Lions and free agency filings. Call it the Turkey Industrial Complex and the Times is as in on it as the folks who make the basters.

To cross this thread with the subsequent, I applaud my brother's in-laws who see the football of Thanksgiving and stay away from the oven. Instead, they have their relatives from all over Manhattan show up with the meal of ultimate consumption - Caviar and smoked fish from Zabars, foie gras and AOC prunes from Bouley, Turkey from Dean and DeLuca. It's enough to makes you feel a little smug at having lifted a finger.


My aunt has her chef credentials: Cordon Bleu-trained, has trained and cheffed in Paris, NYC, etc. Is member of Les Dames d'Escoffier, has met la Child, etc.

And this is what she reported to me about her T-day:

"I cooked my turkey by putting it in the oven and going out to  walk for 2 and 1/2hours and it was fine."


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