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I'm not sure what %80 of this post meant, but I did enjoy the Jesus trucker drawing. Thanks for that.


If Trader Joe's is the Heart of Darkness, then send me up the river.


And what of the chicken of the seaweed? One can never have enough of that.

Trader Joe's: a force for good? The Chowhound home cooking board (which I rarely scan any more) used to be full of glowing reviews of their products. But much of TJ's business seems to be in selling frozen burritos and crap like that. I guess my question is: whose life is TJ's ruining? Oh, and at the TJ's in Chicago where I shop, the two buck Chuck sells for three, the bastards.


this is my gourmet food philosophy. buy from stores where regular people shop -- costco eg. (yeah i said it i meant it i'm here to represent it.) and then use those ingredients and MAKE THE GOURMET YOURSELF or grow it or whatever. i mean really can't anyone make their own tarragon chicken salad (don't forget to brine the breasts) themselves?

result: no moral dilemma & great food.

for the stuff you can't get at pathmark -- you can always find it at some mom and pop store or other. eg i buy all my spices from a store that services nyc's india row.

screw those big strollers and clueless white professionals. they have no idea what they're doing anyway and make my shopping experience agitated indeed.


it is particularly appalling when people frequent whole foods or someplace in nyc. i mean if you are in the hinterlands (as our poor host is) well there is a necessity excuse. but in new york there is just no reason to encourage the behemouths when there are mom and pops (usually immigrant) around.


I used to be way into Trader Joe's. I'm not so much any more, but still think it's a crime that they can have stores across Massachusetts from Hadley to Hyannis, and yet not have a single on in Rhode Island. They don't even have one in MA somewhere near the border, like Attleboro or Seekonk, if the issue is one of dealing with RI red tape. Injustice: Hartford has Trader Joe's and Providence does not. That is not right.

I don't miss their prepared yuppie snax so much, but some of the dry goods are of good quality and fairly cheap. And the lemon verbena soap is really great.

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