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Chia cabbage?

Debra Solomon

Hi, I'm that character and I can't decide whether to be chuffed or puffed. So I'm going with chuffed.

But could you please elaborate?

By the way, I didn't make this salad on a salad, one of my design students (Cygalle Shapiro) did in... Food Atelier. Nowadays, you can play with your food and get a degree - and I'm the one who will teach you how.

Does that make things better or worserer?


I had to check chuffed, which is one of those anonamopoetic words, but yes, I meant it in a good, if abstract way, in that CB consistently delivers a sense of gracious living in a slightly uncanny context. See esp. yurt. In an entirely idiosyncratic way, it reminds me of the atmospheres from whence McEwan summons his creations. Or it could have been that the foto of your shadow reminded me of a jacket design. Glad you stopped in.

Debra Solomon

OK, I'm vain AND stumped. CB from which McEwan novel?
Uncanny gracious living is one of my areas of expertise, but I'm excited at the prospect of modelling myself after a fictional character.


CB = Culiblog. Unfortch, no specific character in mind....

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