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Curses. I had hoped you'd have this all sussed out for my trip in May.

Jose Diaz

Jon, Jon, Jon! Versailles is renown as the spot that the networks frequent every time they want to get footage/sound bites from some deranged, ultra-conservative, self-appointed spokesperson of the Cuban exile community. That's it's purpose. I have eaten there once and, yes, the food sucks. I don't even remember eating at La Careta, but in Miami, it's about the equivalent of Friendly's for Cuban food. Your failed search for the Cuban sandwich doesn't surprise me in the least.

To score a good Cuban sandwich, you have to buy one at one of the many cafeteria/bakeries that line Calle Ocho in Miami or 49th Street in Hialeah. I can't think of the equivalent for chowder in Boston (most of the chowder I consumed was at Commons after wrestling practice),but don't forget that it's usually the tiny, family-owned places that serve up the best food. If you are ever in the New York area, let me know so I can treat you to a Cubano at our favorite Jersey sandwich spot.

Is is possible that Cuban sandwiches just aren't your cup of tea?


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