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Gee, I don't know, I don't think I've bought a tomato since October. I'm not saying I'm ruthless about buying stuff only when it's in season, but it makes sense on many levels. There's a reason why cuisines have evolved around seasons (in Greece, summertime is ruled by the tomato, wintertime, the lemon). And no one need feel deprived. (Even in places like pre-Celtic-Tiger Ireland, where, as I remember, months would go by where the only vegetables for sale were onions, carrots, turnips ("rutabagas," really), parsnips, cabbage....Oh, happy day, when the rhubarb would appear!)

As the mother of small children with small pesticide-susceptible bodies, I would say that for me "organic" has the edge over "local, but heavily sprayed."


Who would want to EAT an out-of-season tomato?


I'm with skeen -- how hard is it not to eat tomatoes in winter? I admit, I'm getting to the point where I could really go for a nice plate of fresh tomatoes, but since that is uncategorically impossible to procure before mid-July, what's the dilemma? I'll just have to stick to canned San Marzanos jetted in from Fiumicino for a few more months.

Just kidding: I'll stick to overpriced General Mills industrial organic grown a few miles away then trucked up to Alberta for processing.

Debra van Culiblog

I know I have to go in the WABAC machine to participate but I'll just do that.

Yeah, I don't eat food out of season either. It's not like there isn't any food. And 'sides when else are you going to eat parsnips?

What is it about this place that makes me turn into Beavis?

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