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I think your choices are lamb or ham.
(And lamb makes sense not just in a lamb=Christ kind of way but because in springtime there might be a baby sheep to hand?)

But I have to admit that I have no idea what will be eaten by my family this Sunday. Hm. Time to start thinking, I guess. When not busy doing the Paas egg thing with a gaggle of children and trying to make Easter baskets in secret. And taxes.

In other words, the family will probably be eating take-out.

Inspire me, Cod!


Vignole and (mock) porchetta.


Porchetta? I'm stayin'!


Inspire me, Cod!
Realistically, it will a riff on this . I've made it a few times, it seems springlike, and the rosemary bush needs pruning.


It's not really porchetta: you just stuff a butt with "Tuscan" herbs. From Zuni.

Heh. Stuff a butt.

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