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you know, i used to own a cafe, and this is one of the things i discovered: there are two kinds of people: cake people and pie people -- also variously know as women and men. (and thank god, because this was pre-blogger, we did not serve those tiny infantile abominations -- the cup of cake, we did serve the espresso cup of mocha mousse, but that's different story. sort of a petit bicherin.

well, given that story in ny mag an issue or two back, i imagine the tiny abominations will be too much with us for a long time to come.

Rose's Lime

I'm not sure the point of la post la D, but it does make me think about whether there's an untapped market for Diaper Pie.

Look for a remix of James Brown overdubbed with "Me O My, Take a Look at That Pie".


Apologies for inflicting the diaper cake on your world, Cod.

I was actually a bit afraid that my consciousness would implode from the pressures of extreme boggled-ness if I didn't share that photo and description with someone.


that diaper cake frightens me. i mean, i'm pretty typically girly and all, want to have breed, am cool with having a baby shower if/when i do get pregnant, but GOD if my friends got me a diaper cake i would start bawling on the spot. it'd be like, "celebrate! your life is over!"


(want to have babies, i meant, not 'have breed'. duh.)


Not that this is redeeming at all, but these particular cakes are actually not edible -- they're made out of diapers styled to look like a cake that's been made out of diapers. As in, they're sort of a centerpiece-meets-simulacrum type of situation.

This is not to say that there are not diaper cakes, and that they are not terrifying, however. I walk by one daily on my way to work, next to a demonic elmo cake with one missing horn, and I'm never sure which one scares me more.

Ruby's Dad

Mmm... diaper pie...


Not only are these things hideous and inedible (unless you fancy chewing on polymer gels), but I did some clicking, and ... they're expensive! 85 dollars for an artfully arranged (3-tiered) pile of diapers!!! What the f___??!!?


I think the diaper pie would involve diapers woven into a lattice pattern? Only the best, premium Pampers Swaddlers, etc., of course.

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