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For your consideration.


Aramark? I hadn't thought of them in a LONG time. It was going into my senior year at University of Delaware that the dreaded Aramark invaded... Yuck.

(I don't know if I'd be bragging about being better than them, though--that's not that difficult.)


The rumor used to be that there was no difference between the food at UMass and Walpole State -- both catered by Marriot at the time.

It seems to me that bearnaise in cast iron invites unnecessary risk. Or did I misunderstand?


i thought the food of your people was martinis and rumaki.


What's up with those Lodge pans? I have an ancient cast-iron pan that works well and that I love. But recently I bought a large (13") Lodge pan, and I've been really dismayed at how unevenly it heats. Is it just that it's a big pan? Or is the cast iron of worser quality?

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