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Thanks for the mention. I think two people outside of my office have read the blog: you and the winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off. Seriously, she loves it. While it looks like we eat a lot of frozen food, the consumption probably only works out to 2 meals per person/week. Fortunately, AgentFour.com has ten contributors. Unfortunately, we're lazy (thus the obsession with frozen food) and when you're lazy it is hard to convince yourself to try new and untested foods.


I am the laziest person I know, which is why I prefer slicing a tomato on my desk to walking over to the microwave.

The problem with that lunch, however, is that it's only good for maybe 4 months of the year. I wouldn't bother with tomatoes until July.

By pure coincidence, today I picked a handful of favas on the way to work, and ate them at my desk. An admirable lunch in terms of laziness, though less so for flavor: there is no easy way to get enough salt onto the beans. A few chunks of aged pecorino might solve the problem, by approximating this.

Also, of course, you can only pull these off with very early favas (which are late this year because of the rain).


Shit, the link to horrors of old favas should go here. Sorry.

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