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It turns out that it cost seven dollars to put up this post. Thanks, Hyatt!


Your post made me laugh because last night I had a half dozen st. simon oysters and a half dozen beau soleil oysters on this side of the ocean. The beau soleils were exquisite...I will have to take some time in the future to give you the lowdown on Tom Collichio's (sic?) new steak emporium, Craft Steak, but it was pretty darn good although somewhat unsettling to see the former site of Frank's steakhouse taken over by Team Collichio. In Cod-speak, it's the equivalent of seeing your Ford Mustang replaced by someone's DeLorean while you were asleep.
Off to Buffalo tomorrow and I'll pay homage at the Anchor Bar for you -- the place that sparked a culinary revolution in bars across the country and made chicken farms very, very happy.


It gets worse: the mussels here come either from PEI or NZ (this is probably true throughout N. America). And the local store is about to start selling grassfed beef from Uruguay.

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