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I'm confused. You ate at Chez Panisse and all you're saying is that you had seared tuna? Is there going to be an actual review posted later?


There were some fava beans with the tuna. I saved the menu, but the need to refer to the menu to remember the other two courses in any detail suggests that it was not a dinner that whipped the pony in its ass, as the late Wesley Willis might have said.

I managed to find the menu in the midst of moving chaos:

Mache salad seared sea scallops, asparagus and salsa verde

Bellwether Farm ricotta gnocchi in new garlic-sage brodo

Grilled big-eye tuna au poivre with fava beans, morel mushrooms, and onion rings

Coconut meringata with Lucero Farm strawberries.

The salsa verde was tasty, but the scallops seemed a trifle rare to my taste. The gnocchi were very smooth, but the brodo underachieved.

The entree was like the Yankees of the oughts-- a lot of high-quality ingredients, but not quite gelling into a champion. Each thing on the plate was good to eat, but the presentation was remarkably incoherent.

Stay tuned for the happy ending.


Though I've had several memorable meals there, that's pretty much par for the Chez P coursee, at least downstairs. Upstairs at least you don't have to eat "seared Tuna" when they run out of squab.

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