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Uncle Grambo

Lobster Bitch ... prolly the best post title in the history of the internet. Great write up, you've got me hankerin' for some butter dipped lobster crazed. Makes you long for the Barking Crab, dunnit?


Great post...We don't have Whole Foods here in Aus but it looks like they have pissed quite a lot of people off with this move. I just read a similar post from Accidental Hedonist.
Quite interesting this whole lobster debarcle


Only thing better than a live crustacean is a crustacean killt presently till crimson, so s/he can get the endoscopic view of my gullet on his or her way down. Mmm, lobster.

P.S. Am buying softshell crabbies this very evening. So damn good on the grill.


Hey again...
Once again we're on the same wavelength. Much easier for the Food McCarthyites to take on three foie gras farmers than the Beef Industry. I've been to cattle farms they are not lulled to sleep with a xanex and a scotch...WF did the genuflect of the century on the lobster thing, IMO.

Did you see my Epic Battle? Thought sure you'd comment on that one, GC.

Jacqueline Church AKA The Leather District Gourmet


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