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Rose's Lime

Remember the potato skins fad of the late 80's? I envision cup-o-mac for $0.99 late night menu at Wendy's... I see Southwest Mac Chalupa.


i didn't read your response what did you say?* i can't tell you what a drag it is to be me. i am cassandra. always cassandra.

*i never read comments after i post something that i know will probably result in apoplectic sputtering.


You are an idiot! Mac & Cheese is very exciting! And comforting. And delicious. And right down the street from me!


you know, i couldn't figure out why the concept of a mac&cheese joint bothered me so much, but yep, i think you've hit the nail smackly on the head
its a stupid concept, i give it 2 months

cousin dan

Zingerman's Roadhouse of Ann Arbor, Mi. has been serving no less than five varieties of Mac n Cheese since they opened a few years ago. http://www.zingermansroadhouse.com/content/pages/menu_W05.php?menu=DIN&id=MAC The sixth macaroni dish features - what else? - Cod, fresh from Georges Bank. Granted, the mac is Martelli Pasta from Tuscany and the cheeses include raw-milk Vermont Cheddar, Ig Vella's Monterey Jack and in-house goat. The roadhouse is a decent place to eat, but I usually get the fish. This kind of high-meets-low cooking is a little played out in my opinion. New York City doesn't always get first dibs on so-so ideas. Evanston, my ass.


i am not certain that macaroni and cheese benefits so greatly from the addition of "gourmet" ingredients. indeed, it is always amusing when someone from the great out there argues for the relevance of their cuisine and cites imported pasta or some other such crap. this is at the very heart of calvin trillin's la maison de la casa house continental cuisine discourses. it is laughable.

as for a dedicated macaroni and cheese bar or whatever this new place sullying my nabe is to be -- there's been so much indignity, what's one more injury? the east village has always been home to a certain juvenile element. this is to be expected when a neighborhood is largely the dormitory of a university that is the second largest landowner in new york city. i do not think it is so symptomatic of the problem which i articulated earlier hereupon and which (as i read the host's comments above) may be somewhat misunderstood.

i personally have no idea who purchases metrocards. i assume the fecund park slopians must (and they ought to in order to commute to support their largely poorly behaved progeny). my issue (concern?) is two-fold.

first, up until this very last wave of midwesterners, people came to the city to attain sophistication, not to dismantle it by turning every sanctuary of repose (whether cocktail lounge or art gallery) into a nursery (with actual nursing!) cum diaper pail (with actual -- well you get the picture). second, my old fashioned sensibilities, cringe at the bald self-promotion of our current crop of "artists", particularly that special brand of whoring that goes on among the mommy bloggers et al. it is repugnant. i genuinely pity these children whose parents are so self-absorbed and craving cheap fame that the privacy and dignity of their issue is of no issue.

to say that i am opposed to anyone of any kind living in new york is a far too obtuse iteration. i adore well behaved interesting and inquisitive children, and of course the city needs them. but i suppose, in order to have well-behaved and interesting children, they must be parented by well-behaved and interesting adults. this is where there has been a break down.

it is foolish for anyone over the age of 21 to be concerned with being hip. the idea that a mother should give a second thought to such a puerile aspiration is anathema. you see what i'm sayin' here? why not embrace adulthood, particularly if you have done the hard work (and god's work) of bearing a child?

jose cesar herrera henriquez

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