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"the sort of patron brothel employees dread"
Where are you going with this?

As for "foodneck" , how about foodnik? "foodneck" sounds like a cross between redneck and some sort of clam.


With low brothel employee morale, I was thinking of Dick Morris, a noted shrimper, as well as the tycoon in England, England who pays extravagant sums for special ministrations from "aunties," and a little bit of Ray Smuckles' abiding interest in websites featuring pictures of women sitting on birthday cakes. As for "foodnik," I think it sounds too much like a faux Yiddish insult.


I too was wondering neck/nik and thinking redneck. Mulling it over. I like that it sounds unusual. But I do want a term I can feel comfortable using to describe myself.

My dining companion suggested "fooder," making an analogy to Star Trek fans. We might call them Trekkies, but apparently they prefer to be called Trekkers--they're on the trek too. I have also considered "foodist," which would be better if it didn't sound so much like nudist. El Fooderino?


Foodneck it shall be. I will use it with joy.

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