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Rose's Lime

Your presumption that tea leaves have ever been within a mile of where your iced tea is commercially served is somewhat naive. Think liquid concentrate.

I suspect tea, like coffee, contains natural oils. Bad commercial coffee is generally not the result of sub-standard beans - hard to get a bean that tastes that bad - but of un-clean coffee pots. The fine oil residue is prone to going rancid - which is, as it sounds, nasty.

I suspect sweet tea containers are cleaned thoroughly. "Neat" tea containers (heard that phrase once in Jacksonville. Any corroboration?) are often just rinsed.


I suspect Rose's Lime is correct in assessing the problem, but I do like the idea of ordering "a glass of iced tea, neat."


Indeed. From time to time, I believe that there are those who have taken advantage of the color similarity between iced tea and bourbon.

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