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What are you, a New Yorker editor? It's not an umlaut, it's a diacritic indicating the absence of a dipthong.


C'mon, who's the cheerleader in question?

the patriarch

I bet there's no absence of a dipthong underneath that cheerleader's skirt.

You're welcome.


Since you asked, the chearleader in question is Amy:


A more appropriate choice for this site would have been Liz from last year's squad. She's a hostess at the Barclay Prime, Stephen Starr's boutique steakhouse. Starr insists on only two things at his restaurants -- some rendition of tuna tartare and cheerleader-type hostesses. The tuna tartare is pretty phenominal, anyhow.

Big ups to the cod for the Eagles pic, with costumes designed by Vera Wang, no less. However, my paranoid side feels it must be some sort of veiled superbowl XXXIX dig directed at me. Probably not. Anyhow, I'll take my Vince Papale to your Marky Mark any day.


Max: Everyone's a diacritic.
Moonie: The cheerleader pictured is named Amy; the cheerleader referred to in the text is named Jennifer.
Simon: The SB XXXIX calls are coming from inside the house. I grabbed one of the first pics of a cheerleader with both a) pompoms, and b) a non-exposed genital area (tough to find on the internets). Vera Wang, huh? That you know this, and that I am a little bit impressed, suggests that we a) are more comfortable with our masculinity than most football fans or b) gayer.

Rose's Lime

Note, by contrast, the
Pat's cheerleader
outfits are designed by Land's End.


OK Regina, come out with it -- you've got blogger-beef.

Blogger fight! Blogger fight!!


Alert readers will note that the photo in question was taken on 1/1/06. I'd say spending a afternoon at Wachusett in hotpants and vest would be a hating prerequisite.


Damn, I just remembered it's called a diaeresis.

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