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Blogger hate is so boring, TGC. I'm surprised you've jumped into the fray.

From what I can tell, she didn't write a review of Robuchon in the paper, so she is not obligated to disclose the fact that she was "known" to the house.

But whatever gets you a link to Gawker...


Show me a New York food writer who has complete anonymity in the dining room and I'll show you a) Frank Bruni (although, not really) or b) a bitter hack from outside the metro area who doesn't get invited to dinner.

Team snack, mothafuckah!

Bywater brother

The Ninth Ward is still here, but we need help. The city's got a million excuses why they ain't running water out here, and folks are getting tired.

boom lift

Yeah, the folks are really getting tired, they should do something about it.

Luigi Hanway

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